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Dutch Doll


Pink Princess Nail Art

Today's style: Pink Princess

Trying a new style and I am super excited about this one!
Please allow me to guide you on making this nail art on your own nails.

Step 1 - After you applied your nail base you start off with a bright pink
or a white glitter nail polish. I personally started with the a bright pink polish.
Only one layer will do. If its not bright enough: Coat it once more.

Step 2 - For this step you can use a make-up sponge, its only optional.
To create a gradient effect you want a more deeper color, also with glitter in it.
So make sure this pink nail polish is middle to dark pink, with enough pigment.
Start at the tip of your nail and slowly build up towards the middle of the nail.
One coat of the darker pink won't do most of the times, so you may need more coats.

Now you have created the gradient it should look like this:

Step 3 - Get your pink-glitter-in-see-through nail polish ready.
Try to find one with big and obvious glitters so they will be better noticeable.
You want the rest of the substance of this polish to be see through.
Otherwise the gradient you've just made would have been a waste of time obviously.
I decided to do this polish in one thick line, from a bottom corner to the top corner.
On my left hand the lines are like this: \
And on my right hand the lines are like this: /
You can do both hands the same if you like. I did it like this since it felt easier to do.

Now your nails should look like this:

Step 4 - Don't forget your topcoat. This helps your glitters from flaking.
Use a colorless/see through topcoat for this look: no glittery one.
You don't want to interrupt the creation you've just made.
Now you're done! Have fun with your brand new princess nails. :) 



When working with a sponge, make sure you put the polish on some paper first.
Dab the excessive polish on the paper before you apply it on your nails.
You want the gradient to look as natural as possible!
Always start at the tip of your nail and work your way towards the middle.

If you work without a sponge and use the brush of the polish itself:
Don't start with too much polish on your brush! Its easier to add than to remove.
Start by wiping most of the polish on your tip, leaving your brush almost empty.
Start as quick as you can with wiping from the middle to the tip with the half-empty brush.
That way you start in the middle with a really thin coat, so it will look like a blend.
Slowly divide the rest of the polish on the tip of your nail. Then add more layers etc.

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