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Advice For Curls

Hey guys, finally I'm back again.
Here are some photos I took while curling my moms hair.
After the photos we did comb the entire hair through of course.
I actually wanted to make a video about this, but I felt a little ill these days.
Because I have exams coming up, which makes me feel a bit stressed out.
Okay so lets get started already. I know getting those big wavy girls is hard also.
I just wanted to give you ten tips and facts about achieving the best curls. 

Here are 10 tips/facts you should know about curling your hair:

1. Don't go cheap on heating irons. I've tried all kids of irons before to be honest.
And I've tried many cheaper sideways to get the same result, which failed.
Also, cheap heating irons destroy and fry your hair instead of just heating it.
Always be sure to buy a ceramic one! Those won't leave your hair tips ruined.

2. Do use heating protection spray or mouse. Just make sure it can stand 220 c.
  If you're not planning on using a heating iron I think 200 c is fine too for blow drying.
However, I use both methods so I just buy a spray that protects me up to 200 c.

3. Don't put the heating iron in your hair when its still wet or damp.
You will literally burn your hair if you do! Make sure your hair is completely dry.
I personally prefer to wait for my hair to dry instead of blow drying it.
If you blow dry AND use iron heating it will be too much for my hair, which is fragile.

4. When curling your hair with a heating iron, do it in sections to keep it organized.
Try it put up at least half of your hair like I did with my mom in the photos above. 
You are less likely to forget any pieces of your hair, which looks really weird.
And also you won't curl the same hair pieces double. Which I did in the beginning. LOL.

Which leads me to tip number five . . .

5. Avoid curling the same pieces of hair double. When I was still learning 
to use a heating iron I discovered this. If you heat it twice its most likely to lose its 
curl within an hour or so, depending on the structure and thickness of the hair.
Only the first time you heat it, the hair will always do as you please.
But if you accidentally heat it again you'll see often it will result in a straight piece.

6. For big and wavy curls I recommend a flat iron or a thick curling iron.
  Use the flat iron if you have thin and/or half short hair.
And use the thick curling iron if have tick and/or long hair.
I used to use the flat iron on my moms hair, since it just reaches her shoulders.
I mostly use the thick curling iron on my own hair since its longer.

7. For curls without heating I'd suggest showering in the evening, and 
then sleep with braids, which will dry eventually and result to soft curls.
   Please keep in mind that small braids create small curls. Also pay attention to 
the top of your braid: keep it loose, otherwise it looks odd when its dry.
If your hair can stand a little heat you should also shower whenever you like,
then braid in the size you want your curls to be or put in rollers etc.
And then blow dry it after you sprayed heat protection spray all over.

This is me with curls that are made without any heating:

8. Don't use a heating iron every week. Try to use it once per month.
I know it sounds disappointing to the curl freaks out there, but think if your hair.
Specially if you recently dyed it try to avoid heating your hair as well.
Please keep in mind that your hair is easily dry and really fragile.

9. The best way to finish off your curls is setting it with hairspray.
This way the curls have a little support so they excist longer.
Try to find a hairspray that is specially made for after heating your hair.
For example TAFT has the Heidi Klum heat protection hair line, which is ideal.
Try to find a spray that doesn't dry sticky or hard. Don't spray too much either.
If you do, your hair will become heavy and the curls will vanish sooner.

10. Do not use any conditioner on the day you're going to curl your hair.
Conditioner will make the hair more heavy as well, just like too much hairspray.
This rule basicly counts for any heat protection hairproduct as well.

 If you have any more questions about curling your hair, feel free to ask.
Please enjoy curling your hair and I hope it turns out better with these tips/facts!

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