Dutch Doll

Dutch Doll


I've been trying out the Aussie "Aussome Volume" shampoo and conditioner,
and I think I loved it since the bottles are totally empty right now. 
Felt like the right moment to make a review about it.

Clean design, loving the small kangaroos on it.
What the package says: 
For fine, limp hair. With Australian hops Extract. Our new lightweight 
formula, with extract of Australian Hops, leaves your hair with body and fullness from roots 
to tips while making it Aussomely conditioned. Bring on the Big Hair.

My hair type:
Super duper straight, half-long and fine. Little dry.

What it did for me:
I know all my life I will never get any noticeable volume from a
simple shampoo, conditioner, hair mask or any other washing/rinsing products.
But I wanted to try this nevertheless to see if this somehow could make my hair 'thicker'.
And as I expected that was true, because it didn't bring any volume to my hair.
However, I was really pleased with the effect on my tips, which are really dry at the moment.
So if you have damaged hair by dying I'd recommend these products as well.
These products are a little more expensive than 'l Oréal perhaps, but work much better!

What I like:
- The small kangaroos on the package.
- The scent of the products. Smells like flowers, nothing too strong.
- Takes GOOD care of my dried out tips.

What I dislike:
- The conditioner leaves your hair rather flat than 'big'.
- My hair got very greasy rather quickly at the end/middle of the day.

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