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Dutch Doll


Hello 2014

Hello dear followers. Its been ages and I'm not even going to apologize anymore for the lack of activity. Its not been the first time there fell a gap of silence I guess. On the more positive note; I shall be active again from now on and I finally found my moment of creativity again!

I've been following a lot of South-Korean fashion trends recently and I was really thankful that I could find bits and pieces of these trends back into European fashion stores. The last couple of years trends are spreading faster and bigger, so you don't have to wait for over half a year anymore before Asian trends finally arrive in America and Europe. Which means; Less shipping your orders over the internet and more actual store shopping!

This is a photo that includes a few Korean trends:

You can see the waist-skirt and the over-sized and short top. I was a bit nervous about this trend at first and I didn't really believe it would suit me, but you don't know if you'll never try. To my surprise it fits me quite well and you don't have to be extremely in shape (body-wise) to fit into an outfit like this. Yes, I was concerned I was too plump for this, haha.

Earlier on this year I made an EXO inspired photoshoot, trying to re-create the look of their Overdose photos. Sadly I couldn't really find the exact outfit, because seriously... who wears their blouses in THAT way. Anyway, I had a lot of fun trying their Overdose make up look and you definitely should try it yourself. It is really dramatic, yet glamorous.

Hopefully you liked my small update so far. This week I have a lot of free days and my skin looks pretty okay as well. That could only mean one thing; Possible new Youtube videos and make up pictures! I'm really looking forward to show you all the make up, nail polish and skincare that I've bought recently. Please stay tuned! Thank you.

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